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It's hard looking for someone so small.

Gajeel and Levy: Requested by: tsuyoi

fairy tail    otp    


I don't understand why did they have to make me dress up in this middle school uniform. . .


the bae being a cutie

for winrirockbell


Claire Stanfield & Chane Laforet.

baccano!    fave    

"Up until now, the only friends I had were in my head. But then I meet Ryuko and I made a real one!"


30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 13 - Favorite Shounen  |  B A C C A N O

Kinjou, can you truly say that you are strong?. The rules of the Inter-High are simple: finish the first, second and third stage in the shortest time possible. The first school to arrive at the finish line wins. It’s a team battle, some will sacrifice themselves to help one man win. But ultimately, the strongest riders will win. Sorry, Kinjou. I am strong.